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Contact New Media Horizons, LLC. in Prince William VA for Website Design, Ecommerce, SEO and Website Repair.

Contact New Media Horizons, LLC. in Prince William VA for Website Design, Ecommerce, SEO and Website Repair.

When it comes to promoting your business with videos, video advertising programs, video optimization techniques, video boosting or video placement on the new Business Directory, call New Media Horizons, LLC. in Prince William County VA.

Video Services in Prince William, VA

New Media Horizons will work with you and explain the attributes of video advertising for your business. Video is one of the fastest growing forms of media advertising available today and one of the most effective. YouTube is owned by Google, so if you want to boost your website optimization and increase your businesses online rankings, New Media Horizons in VA can help you achieve that through video. Allow us to develop a new video for your business. Whether you desire a “Call-to-Action” video, an educational video series, drone videos, photographic videos, etc., we can help with a beautiful new video.

Video Advertising in VA

When you want to get the word out to prospects about your business, or you want to inform existing clients about a new special or business service offering, video messaging is very compelling. But how do you advertise your video and get the word out? New Media Horizons in Price William VA has multiple ways to push your video to your clients and prospects. We can use the more traditional methods such as social media, Eblasting to a database or adding it to your website, but we also use some more contemporary programs such as VideoBoost and business directories resources. All of which increase awareness and add optimization to your marketing program and website.

Affordable Video Directory Advertising with in Prince William, VA

Every business owner knows that linking is a main component for increasing website optimization for a business. is a new online business VIDEO directory that provides linking power and SEO fuel to your business website, 24/7/365. is very affordable, provides each business with an optimized business page, website links, social media links, links to Google maps and is a great way to advertise your business and to increased customer searches to your website. You can add coupons to your business page, optimize the page for any area in the United States and every page on Spotlitz is optimized to help a business fuel their website SEO. Further all business videos on the Spotlitz business directory are pushed out through a specially built syndicated network to help increase optimization to their site.

Video Advertising and VideoBoost Anywhere in VA

When you really want to step up your advertising to a new level inquire about our VideoBoost program. All the analytics indicate that business videos increase sales, product awareness, retention, and clients will stay with your website longer if a video is present. New Media Horizons offers a very unique program to ensure that your video will be seen wherever you want it to be seen. Introducing VideoBoost a service offered through our affiliate optimization companies.

VideoBoost™ is a high-level video optimization service, connected to a syndicated network and combined with video advertising for video PPC which can place videos in locations that you specify and where customers are searching. Using a series of keyword rich content and location beacons, your video can hit a targeted area or reach a massive area. We can tell you where it was viewed and how many times your video is viewed in specific locations. It is extremely important to know where your customers are viewing your business, or if they are viewing and VideoBoost in VA provides this information.

Call New Media Horizons for more information about videos, video advertising, VideoBoost and Video Directory Advertising in Prince William County and surrounding areas.

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We contracted with New Media Horizons to create an image for our online business.  Not knowing many of the Social media tools, nor knowing how to coordinate exposure among Social Media to our best interests - left us posting manual entries on Facebook.  A few months after NMH created accounts for us on multiple sites, and a central Blog, we received comments from customers that they noticed us 'in multiple places'.

NMH assistance compressed the time it could have taken to get the exposure we needed.  They also helped us better understand how to create and maintain our own 'message' and 'image' to our existing customers.  The investment was far greater then any other advertising method we had tried to-date.
Eric Epstein

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