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New Media Horizons, LLC. Provides Social Media Services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn in VA

New Media Horizons, LLC. Provides Social Media Services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn in VA

Just about everyone is on social media, and it’s definitely here to stay. In fact, if your business brand isn’t represented across the various social media channels in VA, you’re missing out on more than half of a solid online presence and marketing plan. New Media Horizons, LLC in Bristow, VA provides Social Media Services that are connective and engaging in a way no other type of marketing and outreach has ever been. We specialize in social media marketing and consulting using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram and work with customers in Prince William, Fairfax, Leesburg, Fauquier, and Culpeper, VA.

If you aren’t maximizing your businesses’ use of social media, you need to hop on those platforms and start interacting today. New Media Horizons is here to help you achieve your social media objectives.

Why You Should Be Active on Social Media Platforms in VA

Your business in VA needs to be on social media because:

  1. Your customers are!
  2. You can improve the customer experience.
  3. You can form real relationships with your consumers.
  4. You can respond to issues immediately.
  5. You can improve your sales.
  6. Your customers expect to see you represented.

Now you see it’s important to be active on social media, but using it effectively takes more than just random posts here and there. You need a plan.

5 Reasons You Need a Social Media Strategy in VA

  1. It’s not enough to post randomly, and a strategy will give you direction for planning.
  2. Having a strategy helps you get to know your customers.
  3. Mapping out your plan gives you a competitive edge in the marketing world.
  4. Strategizing allows for targeted marketing and communications.
  5. Having a strong presence builds your brand loyalty.

New Media Horizons in Prince William County, VA can help you build a social media strategy for each of the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Knowing a bit about each platform and its general purpose can help you start thinking about appropriate messaging for each.

The Big Four Social Media Platforms

Facebook – Facebook is a relationship building network, and the largest of the four. You work to gain fans and encourage them to like your page. Facebook has self-contained tools for image, video and link sharing, making it easy to get your message out in a visually appealing way. Followers can like and comment on your posts. You can choose to simply maintain your own page, pay to boost the posts on your individual page for a great reach and even pay for ads, targeting the audience you wish to see it. All options are very affordable.

Twitter – Twitter is often misunderstood and not as well tapped, due to its limited character counts for each message. You sometimes have to get creative to share your message, but if you put the pieces of the puzzle together, well, you just might go viral. Twitter uses searchable hashtags to link conversations, which in turn helps businesses engage new customers. Twitter also allows image and video sharing. Your customers can tweet directly to you, allowing direct interaction.

Instagram  – When you think Instagram, think images. Instagram is all about visually appealing photos and graphics. While you can certainly include written messages, too, the effectiveness is always in the image. Instagram is a favorite of millennials and a creative platform upon which to share your company’s message in outside-of-the-box ways. Followers can comment and love your images, giving you direct access to interact with your customer base and attract new followers.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn used to be simply about connecting with coworkers past and present, but it has evolved into so much more. People and companies are represented on this platform with their own pages, status updates, groups, job listings and content publishing resources. LinkedIn offers a versatile platform for your social media marketing.

Call New Media Horizons, LLC for help with your social media marketing in Prince William County and surrounding areas.

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