Everywhere you go you hear people talking about blogs. If you’ve got a good blog, readers could be saying something like this about it:

“I read this great blog about parenting today, and now I KNOW I’m not alone in my struggles.”

“Over my coffee this morning, I caught up on my favorite technology blog and read about the latest smartphone coming out next month.”

“I just learned five simple tricks to help me lose weight before my wedding. That blog is the best!”

There are blogs out there about every topic and product you can imagine. People look to trusted sources’ blogs for the information they need. As an expert in your field, why shouldn’t they turn to you? By establishing and maintaining a blog, they can and will.

How Business Blogging Works

When we say “blogging,” we aren’t talking about creating diary updates of feelings and opinions. This is a different ballgame for companies. Organizations use blogging to establish credibility and share strategic messaging with consumers.

Good company blogs share information; they do not simply plug their products or boast about their brand. Through your blog, you’re giving your customer base valuable information and then adding a tagline at the bottom saying, “And oh, by the way, you can call on us for this service or product.”

Here are Some Examples:

A realtor with a blog may draft an article titled “5 Staging Tips for Selling a Home Fast.” The blog gives handy tips on how to get a home ready to sell. At the end, the realtor could have a sentence or two about the area serviced and how he or she would love to help the reader with their home buying and selling.

Tax preparers could have a similar approach. One of their blogs could be about the tax law changes for the current year, providing valuable information to readers and showing that the tax professional really knows his or her stuff! At the bottom, preparers would list contact information and their homepage or contact page to their website.

This strategy works for every business. Each industry has topics to discuss and valuable information to share. By blogging, you get fresh, informative content to share on social media channels and in newsletters. When you pack your site with keywords and useful content, you also can maximize your site’s SEO. This all helps drive more traffic to your website. Remember, though – blogging should be done on a regular, predictable schedule to keep your content fresh.

But I Don’t Have Time to Write Blogs!

You don’t have to! That’s the beauty of this. You find a good writer who can learn about your subject matter, and you have him or her write them. Here at New Media Horizons, we sit down with our clients and discuss potential topics for blogs. Our writers draft the blogs and send them to our clients for review. This gives clients a chance to ensure the message is exactly how they want to convey it and that all information is per industry standards. Our writers incorporate the edits and perform a final edit, to ensure we post perfect content every time.

If you’re ready to launch into the blogging world, we’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss our packages and discover services that can take your business to the next level.

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